A staff interview with Sam Snedden

Posted on November 7, 2013 by Basement

My name is… Sam. I am originally from… Auckland. At The Basement I… am the venue manager and resident blurbologist… I write lots of the marketing and advertising copy and that kind of stuff, so I’m a blurbinator.

The funniest (or weirdest) thing that has ever happened to me here is… the “Poo-canoe.” So we had a blocked toilet upstairs and it was after nearly a day of working with the Plummer to try and get it unclogged…. bringing up these snakes that they stick down the toilet and it …just wouldn’t get unclogged. So we went up the side of the building and undid the waste pipe… the access point, and he’s like “oh yeah I can see the blockages, it’s right there.” So he said, “what I’ll do is put this thing in it” which is like a little glob, this little golf ball filled with holes; he puts a high-pressure hose into it and it clears the pipes out. So he put it into the blockage and he got right out of the way, and he did it– and the poo, the stuff, came rushing down but it came nearly horizontally out of the drain pipe and it just sprayed out across the car park ….for like ten meters!…ya know… poo.

I think theatre is important because… I think you can’t beat the action/reaction that you get from theatre. The immediacy of response. I think it’s the sort of thing that if you see something’s that really good…if you see a play that’s really good you’ll be a convert for life, I reckon. That’s certainly the way I feel about it. You can have an experience as an audience where your watching a movie and you’re all laughing at the same thing but the movie is never aware of your presence so it’s not affected by it– there’s something about the actor being in the same room as the audience and all of you sort of working together to create an atmosphere. I think there’s something really special about that.

If anyone were to create a piece of theatre about me it would be called… Sam Snedden Presents the Sam Snedden Story Starring Sam Snedden.

If you come looking for me at The Basement I will probably be…at the bar. Either behind it or in front of it. One of those two. Generally near where they are serving or receiving liquor.