Can we name it "Catsper?"

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Basement

I’ve always been a believer in ghosts. Having grown up on a couple of old West Texas ranch houses I’ve always felt like there could be a ghost around any corner. However, one of my most disturbing “sightings” wasn’t of the human kind but of the Equestrian variety. That’s right, a ghost horse, and I can tell you it wasn’t at peace with the way it died.

Around this time every year I would hurry home from school and make sure that the horses were fed well before dark, however, I could never avoid the 6am feedings. In the last remnants of dark, under the fading beams of the moon, and encased in the morning fog, that often settles over the endless prairies at this time of year, I would steal myself for the unexplained shrill whinny, hooves stamping, and occasional sighting of the red eyed albino stallion that terrorized my living horses and our two full grown Boxers. After a couple of years of this my sanity was finally validated by a neighbor who asked about “our new horse” that he had seen tearing through our acreage…needless to say ghosts animals have always put me on edge. So, you can image how I felt when Charlie Baptist let me in on her theory about the “ghost cat.” Weather or not Charlie was pulling my leg (ahem…Charlie?) just the mere mention of four legged creatures haunting a space had tingles running up and down my spine.

However, it is well known that every theatre has a ghost. While it is usually the human spirits that loiter around the stages and dressing rooms it isn’t a stretch to think that The Basement might be a refuge for the dead cats that have drowned in the water that runs beneath the building. After all, a quick search on Google revealed to me that if Charlie has indeed sighted a ghostly cat or two she isn’t the first person. Like human spirits, “ghost cats,” come in the harmless and terrifying variety. People have talked about the comfort of invisible paws kneading the recently vacated space in their bed, and some folks have nearly had heart attacks when the frisky bastards have pounced at them in dark allies, growing to the size of lions and then disappearing before landing on their mortal victims. With all this in mind I asked Basement Intern, Emily Bonawitz, if she would break out her camera and help put a visual to the possibility that The Basement does indeed have a dead pet or two….and here are the results.

-DG & EB