How The Basement turns us on

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Basement

Call it a cliché, call it stereotyping, but at the end of the day we humans just find certain things irresistible. It turns out that The Basement possesses quite a few of those qualities and even has its own devoted group of Sugar Daddies, er…patrons. We know them as “The Basement Lovers Club,” and one of its members chatted with me and broke down why he thinks The Basement is one of the hottest kids on the theatre block:

1) Passion: It turns out that The Basement exudes it. From those crazy kids who created it, to the ones you see dancing with purple unicorn horns on their heads …doing theatre at The Basement isn’t about getting rich folks, it’s all about that hot and heavy passionate kind of theatre magic lovin’.

2) Risk: Like any “bad boy” worth drooling over The Basement isn’t in to playing it safe. You want to crawl out of a vagina on stage? Well…The Basement will let you do that! Your show has a talking cloud in it? Why not! Sounds like it will fit right into the season. Cheerleaders spewing in the toilet, a Hamlet with multiple personalities disorder, LARPing, Yeti’s making babies with humans, robots making babies with humans…zebras making babies with giraffes….anything Thomas Sainsbury can imagine making babies, or be the baby of…

3) Unpredictability: No one likes to know what to expect on the stage anymore than liking night-after-night in the missionary position, which is another thing that makes The Basement so damn sexy – you just never know what you’re going to get.

4) Integrity: When you’re in a relationship with The Basement you know it’ll always do you right. From the way the management team works with the artists, to the experience provided to the audience. The Basement isn’t in to playing games with your art.

5) Adaptability: You never have to worry about The Basement not knowing what to do with itself. Between the upstairs studio, down stairs space, bar area, outdoor area, stairwells, toilets…you can count on The Basement to know how to use every inch of itself.

If these five points aren’t turning you on then you might be artistically asexual, and really, I’m so sorry…but if: Passion, Risk, Unpredictability, Integrity, and Adaptability are five things that drive you wild, then you might be the perfect new member of The Basement Lover’s Club. And don’t worry if “Sugar Daddy” isn’t a term you identify with, because The Basement ain’t no gold digger! In fact rumour has it that The Basement might be a bit of a talent whore, (so overcome that fear and get up on that stage). Or if talent isn’t something you think you have to offer, it’s also into brains, folks who are good with their hands, and those of you whose “love language” is simply quality time. So, if this Valentines Day you’re just looking for someone or something to love, look no further than the corner of Lower Grey’s Avenue.


(Special thanks to Patron David Appleby, who’s pure admiration for The Basement somehow inspired this gutter-brained blog) (If you winced at the “playing games with your art…” don’t worry so did I…)