Staff Interview with Sophie Henderson

Posted on December 5, 2013 by Basement

My name is... Sophie Henderson, sometimes Sophie Vowell… I’m two people in one.

I am originally from... A little place called Torbay on the North Shore of Auckland.

At The Basement I... am the program manager, I select the projects we will present, I am the artist liaison and hold people’s hands as they produce their first show. I answer a lot of questions. I also do our social media and a billion other things. And I have been doing this for …. 3 or 4 years.

The funniest (or weirdest) thing that has ever happened to me here is... Sam (Snedden) getting his head painted as the volleyball (Wilson) from Castaway for our Halloween party. That was gold.

I think theatre is important because... so many things…it gives people a voice, it entertains people, it moves us and makes us laugh, it challenges audiences, it’s a shared experience… it is just essential to life. It is to me.

If anyone was to create a piece of theatre about me it would be called... It would be a musical with spectacular costumes and a lot of glitter bombs. It would be called Sophie Songs.

If you come looking for me at The Basement I will probably be...In a dark corner on my laptop, going blind. Somebody get me an office.