The people formerly known as audience

Posted on May 9, 2014 by Basement

At The Basement, we’ve been re-thinking how we define audiences, and we’ve decided that we would prefer to see everyone that comes to our space as part of one big happy family – whether they are on stage, or not.

To us, it’s more important to be a hub – and we like to think of the- people-formerly-known-as-the-audience as part of our community. A place where artists, producers, spectators, sponsors, media critics, staff, and so on, come together as fans and lovers of all kinds of creative expression.

We’re proud to offer our toilets out to the odd homeless guy that just needs a bit of privacy to do his business, or to give Lisa Chappell a chance to don full-body lycra and explore her calling to experiment with cannibalism.

So together with Vicki Allpress-Hill, and with the support of CNZ – we developed this Community Engagement Strategy.

We chucked out the term “Audience Development” and put marketing and a “bums on seats” mentality on the backseat, and looked at how we could have a more meaningful relationship with the people who love what we do.

We came up with goals like:

  1. Better understand our current community – work hard to delve deeper

  2. Find and attract new members to our community

  3. Become a hub and connector point for Auckland’s emerging artist community

  4. Develop a community of loyal/frequent attenders (fans) who feel at home

  5. More deeply engage our community with our work

But above all – we want everyone who comes to The Basement to feel at home!

So next time you drop in, stick something up on the wall, play some bimini, get to know our staff a little better – and tell us how we can help to make it feel more like YOUR place.

xx Elise Sterback Community Manager at The Basement