The Watercooler celebrates 1 year!

Posted on December 8, 2014 by Basement

After 12 months on The Basement stage and with over 50 storytellers sharing their anecdotes of heartache, triumph, misadventure and everything in between, The Watercooler is ready to cut the cake on their first birthday celebration. With a special anniversary episode lined up for December, the creators behind this monthly live-podcasted event have planned a reunion episode featuring four of the most-loved speakers throughout the year. Three of these were selected via social media in a People’s Choice-esque style, while the fourth was selected by New York-based comedian and writer Elna Baker.

Elna’s work has been featured on This American Life, BBC Radio 4, and her book The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, delves into her experience as a young single Mormon living in New York. She first came to the attention of The Watercooler producer, Sarah Finnigan-Walsh, when she told her story To Russia With Love on The Moth stage in 2012. After listening to a shortlist of eight stories from various TW episodes in the past year, Elna selected Chris Parker for his original voice and storytelling flair. She said she had found it very hard to choose from the high calibre of tales on offer. Chris will be joined by Dawn Glover, Richard Bol and Fergus Burnett, all of whom will have new stories to tell on the night.

Check out Elna’s story from The Moth stage of 2014 Yes Means Yes, and come along to The Watercooler Reunion show at 8pm on Sunday December 14th in the main theatre at The Basement.