A Poet's Journey

Jonty asked Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey a few questions about his up and coming theatrical debut at Basement. The poet's show is inspired by his journey with Ankylosing Spondylitis (a rare form of arthritis). Here's what he had to say...

When did the real events covered in the show take place? What inspired you to make a show about them?

I first started getting symptoms in 2010 but they were pretty mild so I ignored them. Things got worse until the end of 2012 I could barely walk . This went on until mid 2013 when I started getting treatment I just tend to write about whatever is happening in my life, so I knew at some point I'd write something about my disease.

Was the mix of poetry, comedy and theatre there from the start, or did they come about through development of the show?

yeah I really wanted to bring in all the elements I'd been using in my live poetry shows and then try and see where I could take them once I started working with Nisha.

What writers / shows inspired you developing this show?

I was reading Stewart Lee's book which I think gave me a lot of inspiration. Just the way he subverts people's expectations. I was also reading a lot of poetry and trying to make sure the beautiful parts of the show were really strong. I think that's the advantage you have as a poet.

Your debut theatre performance. Nervous / Excited?

I'm really looking forward to being able to perform the same set every night and not have to shout down drunk dickheads.

What was it like working with Nisha? She's got quite the track record...

She's amazing! The show was a big mess before she came on board.

Your Heart Looks Like a Vagina is on in the Basement Studio 18 - 22 Jul. Find out more and book here.