Exploring Self

Jonty spoke to Arlo and Ash about Non Flower Elements... he's not much wiser as to the content of the show, but it makes for an interesting read, and a good teaser... you'll just have to come and see the show.

How would you describe the show in one sentence?

A good insight into self worth and decapitation.

What inspired the show?

We both felt a sense of sadness around self and decided to look right into that sucker. Also, Ash went to Splore and liked watching bands.

At what stage in the show development did the combination of dancing, clowning and game come about?

Thats just the way we work. That’s always been our language. We make what we find fun, or true. All else we chuck out.

What has been the most difficult part of the production?

The huge concept it has been trying to tackle. There is so many ways and forms we can look at self and no-self. The show is constantly changing in our minds, and who knows which version of the show we will end up with. It feels like this concept is large enough for many shows as there are a million sides to the topic. And making something this close to home has been confronting.

How would you like the show to make the audience feel?

That they are just perfect and for all those million times when they have felt inconsequential. That they are not strange oddities. That they are wonderful and obviously human. That the sadness is just normal.

Non Flower Elements is on at Basement 22 - 26 Aug.