Taking a Leap

Jonty chatted to Hadley and Zoë from DyCypher Productions about Four Leaps // One Point.

How would you describe the show in one sentence?

Four Leaps//One Point is a diverse exploration of a singular stimuli that will bring creative minds together.

When did you first come across Malia Johnston's Miniatures?

In choreography class! Back in the second year of our Dance Studies Degree. Our fabulous lecturer Sarah Foster showed it to the class as part of a lesson.

What was it about this work that inspired you to make this show?

There are so many elements to explore. We wanted to work with a piece that provided an excellent leaping off point. In addition to this, Malia is a well-known and successful choreographer, who we wanted to connect with up-and-coming choreographers.

Was there anything that surprised you during the development of the show?

We wouldn't say we were too surprised about anything. We were expecting the unexpected and that's what we got!

What reaction are you hoping the show gets?

We wanted to encourage people to form their own meanings of dance or of choreography, or of art in general. We feel that each person watching can take away something unique, something nobody else has, because we are watching through different lenses. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for the choreographers to gain some recognition for their talent, a chance to share their work.

We wanted to bring amazing people together, and that’s probably the best thing we could ask for!

Four Leaps // One Point is on at Basement from 26 - 30 Sep.