Basement and Beyond

Basement is progressing in its plans for world theatre domination! With all the incredible artists out there, and only 52 weeks in a year, we’re now helping artists present work outside of our usual venue.

Basement and Beyond kicks off next week with our first work Feagaiga, taking place at Samoa House on Beresford Square (just off Pitt St).

You’ll still find out about all the show and ticket details through our usual channels – it's easy as – but the shows will be in other theatre spaces; and sometimes places you wouldn’t usually view as a conventional stage.

A little bit about Feagaiga: A sister's protectors are her brothers, but when Sina is kidnapped by Tui Tafu'e her brothers set out on a voyage to find her and return her home safely. They vow to protect her as they would the iris of their own eye.

Feagaiga is written, produced and co-directed by Jonathan Soo Choon, a current PIPA student. He also performs in it alongside Cassandra De la Croix, Joachim Koro, Missy Pelu and Valentino Maliko. Feagaiga is also co-directed by Apollonia Wilson. More details here.

We’re always open to new suggestions and ideas for what you’re keen to do with your performance or where you want to see something take place, so get in touch.