Entirely Devoid of Joy

For the next two weeks at Basement, YouTube sensation White Man Behind a Desk present an entirely humourless seminar to convince New Zealand that politics and comedy should never mix again. Some have called the show a unique, spectacular theatrical comedy experience. They ask that you please take seriously.

Serious theatre-makers of the show, Finn and Robbie seriously answered our serious questions. Read on:

What is Idea Worth Spreading All About?

Entertainment is bad. Fun is entirely out of the question. The world is spiralling out of control due to a lack of facts. If there’s one thing we can do to help the situation, it’s to present a dispassionate list of information, entirely devoid of joy.

What sparked the idea for the show?

We realised that entertainment simply gets in the way of valuable, important, serious facts. So we decided to create a TED-style talk on the topic, and also to practice what we preach by ridding it of any and all entertainment.

How has the show changed since you first performed it?

We noticed that at certain points in the show, audiences were invariably laughing. We put this down to an unfortunate error in the show’s writing, and have since cut any part that people found “funny.”

Who is your favourite white man behind a desk?

It is my father. He works in the accounts department of a garage door distribution company and to this day has courageously avoided making a single joke.

What reaction are you hoping the show gets?

Polite nods and the odd murmur of approval. We would accept a brief clap at the end, if appropriate. Otherwise, silence.

WMBADx: Idea Worth Spreading is on at Basement Theatre from 03 - 13 Oct. Book tickets or find out more here.