Movies or Dessert?

Playdates at Basey

We're working together with to run 'Playdates', a matching service, during the Fringe Fest. Participants answer a few questions, then get matched with someone else to go to a show from 17 February — 4 March. There's three comedies, one dance performance, and 'Fuck Rant'. Not sure how to classify FR, but it's by Nisha Madhan, so it will be good. You can sign up for a friend date, or for a romantic matching.

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The most philosophical question on the form: what is better, movies or dessert? Here are some of the thoughtful responses from the cast of Playdates...

  • Movies: They last longer and feel better at the end.
  • Dessert: because you get to have a conversation!
  • Dessert. Nothing wrong at all with movies, but I just like eating delicious things. This week I ate a dessert burger (donut/ice cream sandwich) without any regrets (gym tomorrow).
  • M O V I E S because they are way more interesting to tell your friends about.
  • Movies feed your soul.
  • You can match dessert with wine.
  • Both. Movies at home with a dessert. Fully indulgent. I’d probably go for a classic feelgood flick on DVD at home, and a slice of cheesecake or banoffee pie :) I don’t go to the movies much unless it’s something I reeeallly wanna see on the big screen. Cos I’m too lazy sometimes, and it’s pretty expensive.
  • Movies. Because Joey doesn’t share food!
  • Both have merits and are generally best served together, though if pushed I would say movies.
  • Dessert... because food is life.
  • Movies: They last longer
  • Dessert prefer over any other meal

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