What Makes Your Show Fringe?

Jonty asked some of our Auckland Fringe artists to answer a short series of questions.... here are some of the best answers we got....

Question One: What Makes Your Show Fringe?

Making a brand spanking new thing that experiments with multiple forms and that it's yet to see the light of day. Also, we created this sonic object we've named #dribbletank which really takes on a life of its own.

Nic Lane, Force Field

It's DIY, it's weird and it's an experience. We merge food, high pressure cooking show and clown magic - have u heard of a more fringe combo lol?

Freya Finch, Chef Masters

Two drag queens doing a show about mental illness. I can't see that being a main stage production. But hopefully it's not too niche! Please come...

Thomas Sainsbury, Wigging Out

It's literally making no money and is also incredibly exciting to make. It's just for whoever walks in the door and no one else.

Vida Gibson, Women and Water

I haven't made it yet. Nobody, including me knows what will happen. How much more Fringe can ya get?!

Nisha Madhan, Fuck Rant

Makes sure you pop back for more questions....