Auckland Fringe Means?

Jonty asked some of our Auckland Fringe artists to answer a short series of questions.... here are some of the best answers we got....

Question Two: What does Auckland Fringe Mean For You?

We're from Welly so I think for most of us Fringe is about hanging out with people you really want over summer, having some beers and then inviting people to the buzziness you've created. Then you seek out other peoples beautiful buzziness and see who gravitates towards who.

Having never been up for Auckland Fringe, I'm not totally sure how your lime green version is different from our 2012 London pink version? ... maybe more grassroots? maybe you're more after the greenbacks and business savage af, market testing minimum viable prototypes? or is it still just artists making work for the love of it?

We're keen to find some new audiences – we've heard you guys have more people up there.

Nic Lane, Force Field

It's a wonderful thing, a chance to test your ballsiest ideas in a supportive environment. We love the rigour of the performing arts community in Auckland. That's why we're wanted to make the topic of our show one that interrogates the nature of the arts industry, we think Aucklanders will get stuck in.

Joel Baxendale, It's a Trial

Auckland Fringe is a place of community, where you can really push the boundaries with what performance is and means and can's also really hot in Auckland over Fringe time, which I think makes both artists and audiences a little more loose, mentally and physically, in terms of what they're up for creating and experiencing. Auckland Fringe is a great place to try something really out there, and just see what happens.

Claire O'Loughlin, The Dead Writers Retreat

Look out for more questions to come...