Real Life on Stage

Lyncia Muller had the idea for Fala Muncher four years ago, now she tells Jonty about her experience getting it to the stage.

How did the show originate?

So I’ve been thinking about putting up a show like this for a few years now, we started planning in early 2014 and put it off until late last year. Me and one of my best friends Cassandra De La Croix who is also in the show would always “low key” talk about our experiences and curiosity that we had for girls and thought it would be cool to put up a show one day but we were always to scared to do it. Few years down the line I watched my friends put amazing and inspiring shows up like Teen Faggots, F U and Puzzy which really got me wanting to put up a show and just being like, “Fuck it let’s do this!” And boom here we are :)

How much real life experience is captured in the show?

A lot of real life experiences, well for my solo, the majority is personal experiences. We also have a real life lesbian couple/duo on stage that gives you a glimpse into what they were going through earlier in their relationship. So I think the show overall has a lot of truth to it!

What has been the most difficult part of the production? Finding rehearsal space was pretty challenging but once we found it, we were fine. Also for me personally I found it very challenging trying to balance the show, full time job and also personal life. Didn’t realise how hard it was to put on a show and also staying on track with everything – such a great learning experience as well.

What have you learnt from developing the show?

I definitely have learnt to not be afraid of telling my story, not being afraid to be heard, not being afraid of being who I am anymore. Also having a safe space is so important and making everyone feel like they can be whoever they want to be oh and communication is key!

What reaction are you hoping the show gets?

To be honest I just want real reactions, if you liked it that’s great, if you loved it that’s awesome if you didn’t then that’s totally fine. Everyone’s different hunty. Really really hope the audience do enjoy themselves and if we could change at least one person’s mindset into a positive one then making this show would be all worth it.

Fala Muncher is on at Basement Theatre (Studio) 13 - 17 Feb as part of Pride Festival.