Fighting For the Arts

We're calling on the creative arts sector in Auckland to rally with us and hold Auckland Council accountable for ensuring ongoing investment and support for the arts in our city.

The draft Auckland Plan currently up for consultation (until Wednesday, 28th March) represents a crisis point for all Aucklanders who love and participate in the arts, if the plan were to be published in its proposed form.

The draft effectively removes almost all references to arts, creativity and culture that existed in the previous plan, and makes no acknowledgement of their role in bringing about the plan’s vision of “a world class city where talent wants to live”.

While the draft states upfront that “auaha - creativity/innovation” is one of the core values woven through the plan, very little reference is made to creativity, especially arts-led creativity, in any of its five outcomes and their priorities: Belonging and Participation, Homes and Places, Transport and Access, Environmental and Cultural Heritage, and Opportunity and Prosperity.

We have developed an easy to follow guide for submitting in this consultation process, and implore you to join us in requesting more arts representation in this plan for the city.

How to submit:

Follow this link below and enter your submisson. You can use any of our suggested submissions below.

Head to Question 7 - “Any other feedback” on the 10 Year Budget 2018-2028.

OR Question 8 - “Any other feedback” on the Auckland Plan 2050.


10 Year Budget suggested submissions:

  • I do not support the reduction in funding proposed to public art investment, in fact I recommend that it is increased to support a region-wide public art programme that supports the presence of public art at all new development sites.
  • I recommend that contestable funding for independent artistic projects be increased and always be made available to professional and ticketed projects as well as community-driven initiatives.
  • I recommend that the budget allocated to regional arts partnerships be increased to allow this programme to expand.
  • I support the increase of Auckland Art Gallery’s funding under Regional Facilities Auckland.
  • I recommend that budget be allocated to support entrepreneurial initiatives within the arts, culture and creative industry sectors, which enables the global export of our creative talent.

Draft Auckland Plan suggested submissions:

  • I support the recognition of Auaha (creativity/innovation) as a core value of the Auckland Plan, however, I would like to see this value better reflected across the outcomes and priorities proposed. I would especially like to see recognition within the plan of how arts and culture are the core drivers for creativity and innovation within our city.
  • Belonging and Participation - I recommend that a focus area be added to this outcome that recognises the role that participation in the arts plays in building social capital and connection; cultural expression and exchange; and how the arts support the sharing, celebrating and overcoming of difference within our communities. In the same way, I believe cultural infrastructure must be included in this outcome alongside social infrastructure as sites where belonging happens (e.g. galleries, theatres, music venues) not just schools, parks and health centres.
  • Homes and Places - In order to support the development of public places discussed in Direction #4, I recommend adding a focus area to this outcome that acknowledges the role that public art (experiences and objects) plays in reflecting the cultures and identities of Aucklanders within their environment.
  • Environment and Cultural Heritage - While I support the link made in this outcome between the land and cultural identity, I strongly recommend that this outcome address our living cultural practices as expressed in both the built environment and our evolving cultural processes, and the role the arts plays in this.
  • Opportunity and Prosperity - I recommend that a reference to the creative economy be added to Direction #1 of this outcome, as well as a focus area that recognises the arts sector and creative industries as a vital source of innovation, talent and entrepreneurial strategy. In addition, I suggest that a clearer relationship be drawn within the plan between the attraction of talent to the city and the role that a thriving arts and culture landscape plays in this, as well as the need to build skills and capability in local creative talent.
  • Development Plan - I recommend an addition being made to the Development Plan that supports investment in the development of arts and cultural infrastructure - spaces and services that support Aucklanders to create and participate in the arts.

Personal statement:

  • I am a representative of **_ (organisation/business). We contribute $(total budget expenses) into Auckland’s economy each year and employ **people. We service Aucklanders per year through our activities. We currently receive $__ from Auckland Council, which equates to a per head subsidy of $or% (divide funding amount by total customer no.). Our mission is to __ and with further investment and support we could leverage off current success to make an even bigger impact on Auckland’s vision to become a world class city that attracts talent.

You can download a Word Document of the above submission guide here.

Working together as a unified sector, we have the power to affect change, and ensure a sustainable, supported, and recognised artistic community continues to flourish in Auckland.