Basement Disrupters - Tallulah Holly-Massey

Basement Disruptors

There's a whole lot of norm out there. Shitloads of the stuff. You can hardly see for the amount of norm out there in the world. We love the stuff that curdles the norm. We can't get enough of the spikes in the soft bits, the bangs in the silence, the stretching, the scrunching, the kicking, the punching, the sucking, the licking, the twisting and the lifting of the norm.

We're celebrating a #DecadeofDisruption this year. Basement is nothing but a couple of black boxes in, well, a basement, without the people who come here and kick arts every week. So celebrating a Decade of Disruption, is really about celebrating those people. Here's to the Basement Disruptors. You guys keep the norm at bay.

Tallulah Holly-Massey is a dancer with disruption at the heart of what she does. Her choreography and artistic development challenge the idea of what a dance work can be. She has collaborated with Basement on our Labs, Not Dogs initiative, has presented works in our Winter 2016 Season, and our Fringe Performance Salon in 2017. This year, Tallulah is Basement's Artist-in-Residence, meaning she will have a show featured in each of our three seasons. The first is Tender is the Night in our Winter Season.

In our year of celebrating disruption, we are stoked to have this unique artist in our residence.

What's one thing that can make you (unreasonably) joyful?

Animals, documentaries about animals, videos of animals being weird.


What inspires you

Imagery, film and texture. I love things that are visceral and images that describe decay or transformation. Films and books that are set in a kind of hyperreality where everything seems super banal but something is off.. I find this both terrifying and fascinating.

Ideal breakfast scenario?

Pancakes and coffee in bed.

Holly copy.jpg

What work do you want to see more of?

More collective work. More theatre that is performed in alternate venues and made outside of hierarchical structures. I think this is happening here right now and I'm so excited about it!

What next for Tallulah?

After ‘Tender is the night’ I will start working on my next Basement residency show ‘Mammoth'. And In April I will be performing at Corban Estate in Extra Ordinary Folk – a project with Claire O'Neil.