Performing Full Volume

Over the years, Chris Parker has had Basement audiences in stitches as he’s pushed artistic boundaries and wowed us with his incredible talent. Ahead of his new show SIBS with his sister Liv Parker, we asked him to reflect on his work so far! Check it out:

I think a lot of my work is very personal. Just recently I've been really enjoying the power of just telling the truth and sharing your experience. That seems to be the most effective tool in comedy for me, but I also think it is equally effective in dramatic or political work. Eli Matthewson and I talk about this with our podcast, The Male Gayz. Whenever you feel like something is too personal to talk about on on a public podcast, it's usually a good sign that it should be shared as no one seems to talking about it. I guess thats how new ground becomes broken. It's often embarrassing, cringe worthy work, but that can also be very liberating. I loved talking about the discovery of pornography as a young innocent 12 year old in my Comedy Festival show CAMP BINCH this year. It felt exhilarating to fess up to how I encountered it for the first time and how I felt navigating this wild new world. Audiences responded loudly to it, because more often then not, they have shared the same experience, they just haven't told anyone. I have these moments when I make shows, where I don't know what my next step should be...and when i find myself at these walls I just ask myself, what would I have done when I was a kid making a show in my kitchen for my parents, and it often helps me solve my problem. So much of what I'm doing now is just an elevated version of what I grew up doing in my house as a kid. Im excited to test this out with my sister in SIBS.

Chris Parker in CAMP BINCH. Bats Theatre, 2018. 

Chris Parker in CAMP BINCH. Bats Theatre, 2018. 

I think my work has defiantly grown and developed over the years of me putting it up at the Basement, you'd hope so anyway. It definitely has become more camp, which as an 18 year old would have embarrassed me, as it would have seemed cliche and weak to me, but now I adore the strength, colour and vibrancy of performing to my full volume and I really don't want to turn myself down anymore. I guess if there was anything I want to disrupt, it's the notion that men have to behave a certain way. Even more than men; young adults have to behave a certain way, I'm so tired of being boring and being a "good little boy”. I love to laugh loudly in theatres, and I love to sing on the street and mess around with my friends. I'm just going to focus on enjoying myself now and when boring old people roll their eyes at me for not acting a certain way, Im just going to blow them a kiss.

SIBS is on at Basement Theatre from 7 - 11 Aug. Book tickets or find out more here.