This week in the Studio, DANCE PLANT Collective present MEAT, a contemporary dance-theatre work that unwraps the meat industry and explores its social and environmental implications. We talked to choreographer/creator Tui Hofmann about the piece, her team and what she hopes the experience will inspire:

Where did the idea for Meat come from?

From a need to address important topics that are often swept under the rug and a desire to use contemporary dance as a medium to inform social and political change.

How has the process been so far?

Full on, but very rewarding. It is a very weighted topic and often we end up in some fairly dark spaces. The process has made me reflect a lot on my moral and ethical shortfalls and started a lot of conversations around sustainability and animal welfare which are not always comfortable.

Who's in your team?

Producer - Zoe Nicholson Choreographer- Tui Hofmann Composer- Alex Zielinski (Riyoon) Dancers - Bella Wilson, Rosie Tapsell, Natasher Kohler, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel Lighting design - Paul Bennett Av Design - Sam Folkward-Hodgson

What do you love about dance?

Having such an amazing connection to the body.

Describe the feeling of the show in three words.

Confronting, graphic and visceral

What do you hope audience members take away from the experience?

I hope the show will bring up conversation surrounding Factory farming and consumption. My ultimate goal is that people will take a moment to reflect on how they consume and how they eat and commit to living in a way which informs moral and ethical compass.

MEAT is on at Basement Theatre from 14 - 18 Aug. Book tickets or find out more here.