Finding Humour In the Dark

This wiki, Isaac Te Reina presents his first play at Basement! Allgood is about about first loves, break ups, well being and life pressures. We chatted to Isaac all about the play - why he thinks it's important, how he has balanced humour and honesty, and what he hopes audiences will take away from the experience. Have a read!

What is Allgood all about?

The kaupapa is about the veil of portraying yourself to be 'Allgood' when perhaps you're really not and need to talk to someone about what's going on with you, how you really might be feeling.

It's about the strength of young women and the beauty of friendship between men and women.

The story is about the journey of two friends reuniting after a falling out and getting back to a sense of being all good together.

Why do you think Allgood is an important work to be creating now for our rangatahi?

Because rangatahi need to see good people, doing good things and getting themselves out of dark places and knowing how brave, strong and courageous you are for taking those steps in to the light. It's harder to step in to the light than it is to stay in the dark.

How do you balance humour and honesty around hard topics in the show?

We balance it by being relatable in our portrayal of experiences. Everything isn't always dull, nor is it always happy, so we fluctuate with everything in between, finding humour in the dark and pain in the light.

What do you hope audiences take away from Allgood?

I hope that the audience feel empowered to reach out to their friends and think twice before letting someone go, alone, on the notion that they're just 'Allgood'. Our aim is to destigmatise the stereotypes and the judgments towards what/who is a 'victim' and what it feels like to talk about dark topics.

Allgood is on at Basement Theatre from 25 - 29 Sep. Book tickets or find out more here.