Work Do: Basement's Christmas Show for 2018!

The mistletoe's come early this year, and so has the mulled wine. Basement Theatre are back this year with our much beloved Christmas Show, and it's our biggest yet! As part of our tenth birthday celebrations we're bringing you Work Do: our tenth annual fundraiser designed for impressive new levels of revelry and havoc.

For 2018, we've teamed up with incredible writers and comedians Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden, alongside director Leon Wadham to bring you: Work Do.

You might have seen these fella's on TV (Funny Girls, Jono and Ben, Bad News), or at awards dinner, or in a crowd brought to tears of laughter 'cause, you know. They're brilliantly funny. Rose has recently come back from Edinburgh Festival Fringe with the world's top award in Comedy, and Alice isn't far behind her with 5 star reviews and a description as "one of New Zealand's top exports" with her Edinburgh debut.

With an impressive cast of Renee Lyons, Byron Coll, Kura Forrester and Brynley Stent, we're bringing back the classics and keeping the riot rolling. Featuring a formidable cast of celebrity guests to add even more reason to put this on your cal, this year’s show will be just what you need to get red and green.

Work Do: The year is 1997 and Go Away Travel agency are preparing for their end of year Christmas party. Desks have been decorated, glasses are filled to the brim with middle shelf Chardonnay and the team are ready to let loose. Linda Harwood - the agency’s charismatic yet inept leader - is keen to show her employees a good time. However, she is harbouring a secret that may dampen the evening’s festivities. What will this ill-timed Yuletide revelation do to a drunken party of co-workers who barely like each other when they’re sober?

Written by Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden. Season dates: 29 Nov – 21 Dec. Book now.