A cry for change with Amber Liberté

An exploration of a multi-million dollar, neo-liberal convention centre through movement, gesture and techno-rage at phallic structures. AKL, BABEL serves up expressionism, dance, theatre, critiques and fake plastic cash dreams. Ahead of opening night, we chatted to director and choreographer Amber Liberté. Have a read!

What kind of art forms will be present in the performance?

Dance is the major form in this piece as well as an incredible score by David Yates. We also use a little bit of sculpture/visual arts and a nod to bouffons from the physical theatre world.

NZ’s economic imbalance is astounding, and it’s only getting worse.

What's important about AKL, Babel?

AKL, BABEL is important because I believe it unfair that there's corporations earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while quarter of New Zealand children live in poverty. And to further that, these corporations are enabling things like addiction, which massively effects not just the person gambling but their whanau. AKL, BABEL is, in a more general sense, a cry for change not just for corporations enabling addiction, but also for those of us who can only just manage to pay the rent each week. NZ's economic imbalance is astounding, and it's only getting worse.

How do you want people to leave the show feeling?

Amused. Ponderous. Uncomfortable?

What would your city's monument (as opposed to the Sky Tower) look like?

Something yonic just to subvert the current 'ordinary'

Oh, love it.
Shoot: SkyCity
Shag: Auckland Domain
Marry: Auckland Art Gallery

AKL, BABEL is on at Basement Theatre from 20 - 24 August. Book tickets or find out more here.