Mea Tau

Mea Tau. Weapon. Craftsmanship, masculinity, forging, skill. Both life-granting and life-taking, bringing connection to our place in this earth. What will your hands bring to these weapons? Elijah Kennar (How We Tessellate) works with Trisha Brown’s ‘Locus Score’ and explores our fine lines between subjectivity and objectivity.

Performed by six men, Mea Tau personifies weapons with movement and gives them voice. “Mea Tau raises the bar for precision engineering. Opening with overtones of Coen brother, and hints of urban Auckland a troupe of all men, dance an engagement with struggle.” – The Daily Blog

Please note:No entry after show starts.

An after show feed called Mea Ai will happen Thursday 2nd March

Times vary each night, please check your booking carefully

Presented as part of Auckland Fringe festival from 21st February - 12th March 2017. For the full programme visit