Performance Salon Week #2

Our Studio is transformed into a Performance Salon – think Moulin Rouge at the beach – where works of all kinds will pop up around you as you lounge, drink, and explore. It's like a big party and a place of discovery all in one – performances are tested and evolved as you wander, observe, and partake.

Something is always on, and music, projection, and activities fill in the gaps between performances. Come and go as you please!

PENIS ELEGY by Nathan Joe is a live music experience incorporating monologues, poetic essays and queer studies to examine the contradictions in acceptable homosexuality today. In THE IPHONE CASE Tina Pitimpkin (Angella Dravid) is an in-demand lawyer dealing with high profile cases all over the galaxy, but when she reluctantly accepts an invitation by an outdated iPhone 39 (Thomas Sainsbury) to represent him, she finds out more than his screen is cracked…Tom Sainsbury will also play a menagerie of kooky characters from rural New Zealand to Chernobyl in TOM’S SNAPCHATS.

In FOR CONNOR Rochelle Mangan plays with contortion, balance and handstands. Jacob Dale cautions to bring heat protection, lest you get burnt by the torrent of fie cast by the dance, rap, criticism and comedy cataclysm that is OPUS. And LITTLE SISTER continues.