Resident Alien

Come upstairs to Quentin Crisp’s famously filthy New York apartment where England’s stately old homo is waiting to tell you how to be happy. From Princess Diana to mass murder, Margaret Thatcher to oral sex, to Oscar Wilde and the secret of never having your heart broken, the 90 year old Professor of Style shares his unique vision of the world and his very personal recipe for self-fulfilment. “Never try to keep up with the Joneses, drag them down to your level – it’s cheaper”.

Playwright, Tim Fountain. Performer and director, Roy Ward.

“Roy Ward nails Quentin Crisp”– Sam Brooks, Lumiere Reader

“Ward purses lips, flutters hands, bats mascara'd eyelashes and keeps his knees

together beautifully.” – NZ Herald

“a highly enjoyable, more sweet than bitter, lo-fi celebration of a truly original character.” -


“Ward is spot on, the staging superb… A seamless blending of subject, author, actor

and setting… Quietly powerful” –