21 Movements

21 Movements presents as an interactive solo piece, Pecha Kucha style, performative responses by 2011 Auckland Fringe multiple award winner and choreographer Alexa Wilson and at moments audience members to photographs by collaborator Nicholas Watt, which interpretively map major events in the 21st Century. It will collectively and subjectively remember and embody defining 21st Century events.

"Alexa has bravely shaped her own intrinsic voice. She targets our conceits and the rough, untidy journey she takes us on is always perceptive and unsettling. Fulfilling a vital role of the artist, she is always a force to be reckoned with.” Francesca Horsley, Listener

Please note: Contains nudity and offensive language. Times vary each night, please check your booking carefully

Special offer: See Power Ballad and 21 Movements on Thursday or Friday night for $35

Presented as part of Auckland Fringe festival from 21st February - 12th March 2017. For the full programme visit www.aucklandfringe.co.nz