Wellness Week

It’s hard being so full and overflowing with creativity sometimes, isn’t it, little mites? You are just so bursting with ideas all the time, you want to keep on going and going like the Energiser bunny, and get all your amazing work out there. But even robot bunnies need some downtime sometimes.

We’ve just had so much going on in the Auckland arts scene, so to keep our Basement community safe from burnout, the lovely Helen Sheehan had a great idea for y’all. We are calling it Wellness Week, and it starts on 23 May.

For the first week of our Winter Season at Basement in 2017, you can forget about trying to get your press release out, forget about remembering lines, and working on your lighting plan. This first week is about us taking care of you, and we’ve got a host of experts coming into the space to help you rejuvenate, and make sure you are ready for your next step, whatever that may be.

Come along for some early morning sessions to refresh body and mind, or join one of our evening talks, with guest speakers giving advice about how you can improve your wellbeing.

Shows for the week carry a wellness message for you too. Teeth Talk – all about dental hygiene, and Say Something Nice by Sam Brooks – helping us all to be nice to each other (naw).

The week will culminate in some feel-good, en-masse karaoke (bring the people together, and watch them sing!), and freeing up your body and soul with no shame, as we welcome No Lights No Lycra into the Basement.

Tuesday 23 May: 6pm Mental Nutrition and Emotional First Aid for Artists 8pm Teeth Talk

Wednesday 24 May: 7.30am Morning Yoga 6pm Whariki Hauroa 8.30pm Live Reel: Titanic

Thursday 25 May: 7.30am Meditation with Ash 6pm Script to Screen's Wellness Under Pressure 8pm Say Something Nice

Tues - Thurs evenings: Nicetouch - Massage By Lucy

Friday 26 May: 7.30am Energising Sunrise Stretch - Basement Wellness Week 8pm Andy and Hadley's Great NZ Roadtrip -

Saturday 27 May: 8pm & 9pm No Lights No Lyrca at Basement

All events are koha apart from No Lights No Lyrca ($7) and Nice Touch massages.

See you there friends x