Mental Nutrition and Emotional First Aid for Artists

Creatives face a number of stresses in the pursuit of their art- changing work loads, unpredictable income, decision fatigue, long hours and risk of burn out. In these circumstances, care for self and others is vital. This is where mental nutrition, emotional first aid and psychological safety nets come in.

Lucy-Mary Mulholland is a Clinical Arts Therapist with a background in psychology. She uses creative methods to support those struggling with mental health issues, as well as promoting self-care, wellbeing and resilience through her work at The Open Fort. She understands the unique work environment of a creative and offers helpful techniques and approaches in a familiar language - the arts.

This introductory workshop is designed to give participants some practical take home tools for self care. It will also feature some theory and practise about emotional first aid, ways to support others in the field, and how to apply a layer of emotional safety to artists workshops, devising/design processes, rehearsals, performances and participatory theatre/art.