Lick my Past

Lick my Past enjoys the vast array of relationships two women can have.

N and K do serious dance work thats funny.

Playful and exuberant Nancy and Kelly don't take themselves too seriously now that their long stressful dance careers are a matter of choice. Its surprising just how strange and funny these two Maori and Pakeha wahine's lives can be as they slip between both as friends and foe.

They dance through the mundane to great music, transform the stage with their powerful imagery and relish their impeccable kinetic timing together. Life is extraordinary with them.

"There is a beautifully formed calf and ankle; an undulating belly, a smoothly rounded shoulder.....set to a wild collage of music clips." - Raewyn Whyte

"Kinaesthetic memories, sensory histories and refections that generate may images and feelings." - Carol Brown

“Lick My Past is a timely reminder of the wit, finesse, power and wisdom of women... I found myself seamlessly transported into sensuous and sensitive intimacy throughout, often without realising..." - Tama Waipara