Puppet Fiction

Everybody be cool! This is a f**king puppet show!

Everybody be cool! This is a f**king puppet show!

3 actors, 25 marionettes, one batsh*t crazy show.

The ulitmate Tarantino homage, this is literally Pulp Fiction with strings attached. The award-winning cult show full of miniture mayhem returns to Auckland for the first time in four years for one week only! Combining the joy of live puppetry with an iconic piece of pop culture makes for a unique and hilarious theatrical experience. Created and performed by puppet maker and master Jon Coddington (Whoa! Studios), theatre wizard Hannah Clarke (NZ Fringe), award-winning actor Anya Tate-Manning (Hudson & Halls), and the best damned comedian puppeteer Welsh/Samoan James Nokise, oh and and 25 handmade 40cm marionettes, we promise it will be something special.

Read more about the show on our blog here.

Extra show added! Saturday 15 July 6PM, see a special 45 minute single episode version of the show for $15. Single episode of "Vincent Vega and the Marcellus Wallace's Wife".