Spring Season Sep - Nov 2017

Spring is sprung! Birds are singing, rabbits are fornicating, and Basement Theatre is inviting you to come and get the right kind of drama in your life. Stop trying to pick a fight with your flatmate about your sugar puffs. No more cryptic Facebook posts about how angry you are with a “certain unnamed person.” No more tweets about exciting news that you “simply cannot share.”

It’s time Basement whanau. Time for the right drama. Our doors are opening on a brand new season, the sun will shine and we will drink outside again. How about a few laughs to warm you up there? We’ve got a mini Comedy Fest, running alongside the witty and hilariously awkward Meet The Fakas in the first week. Then we’re going to heat it up even more with the return of our sizzling Cabaret Season. Be ready friends – as those frozen toes are thawing in the Spring sunshine, we will take you on an emotional roller coaster (in a good way). Settle in for stories of sadness, rejection, obsession, superheroes, murderers seeking redemption, clowning babies, lots of laughs, dance, Martin Luther King, the past and the future…

All this, as well as our weekly and monthly regulars, and a few special events in the bar. Get yourself down to Basement this Spring, to get just the right amount of drama in your life!