Soft Tissue

A series of journeys, cultural missings, constructed worlds

A a series of journeys, cultural missings, constructed worlds and women born out of and under the weight of expectation.

A sharp, physical, hilarious and loaded encounter with a woman just trying to get it right. And failing. A ‘live’ excavation with the audience, an uncomfortable yet familiar taste in their mouths, a surprising sting in their eyes, a deep hopeful recognition of self.

A reaching, a calling, a challenge.

Since first developing this work in Tehran, Iran, (2016) Ella Gilbert and team bring you a refined excavation of the 'constructed realities' of female behaviour. The public and private worlds of women and how they inhabit these. Being under a microscope, being watched closely and justifying self and coulture.

It is all a bit dirty and strange. And beautiful...

Ella Gilbert presents her debut work, directed by Jade Eriksen, mentored by Jo Randerson.

Please note: Please arrive 15 minutes before show start time. Latecomers admitted into the theatre at Basement's discretion – no refunds will be given.

View the trailer below.