Angella Dravid - Down The Rabbit Hole

Love makes you do crazy things.

Winner Billy T Award 2017 New Zealand International Comedy Festival

Love makes you do crazy things.

This is a love story. Well, kind of. Except it went a bit wrong. Really wrong. So wrong that Angella’s written a show about it. A story so intriguing she won the Billy T Award. So bizarre that it has to be seen and heard to be believed.

'If you want to see someone truly unique, this queen of the awkwardly unabashed is just your ticket.' NZ Herald

'Angella Dravid is a star. She is operating on different level to anyone I’ve ever seen do stand-up before.' The Spinoff

'Her wide eyed stares and deliberately slow and hesitant deliverance created a painfully calculated awkward environment for her punchlines.' The Speakeasy