The Watercooler - Issue #52: Deaf Storytelling

The Watercooler is a platform for people from all walks to tell stories both true and imagined.

The Watercooler in partnership with Merge presents its debut Deaf Edition, an event for Deaf Storytellers to share about their personal education and employment experiences.

This event is proudly supported by The Albert-Eden Council and Creative New Zealand.

This panel will offer a new perspective about being Deaf, and will help all of us have a more in depth understanding about Deaf people’s journeys in relation to access to information and easy communication. Join David Brown, Tony Walton and Meghan Coppage as they share their experiences with us.

This panel will be hosted by Victoria Lessing, who works for Merge. Merge is a Deaf-led company that promotes NZSL and Deaf culture within Auckland. They aim to expand this throughout New Zealand to ensure the promotion and preservation of this unique language

A great opportunity for all communities, including NZSL students and the Deaf community, to get together!

There will be NZSL interpreters at this event.