Force Field

Your imagination can only go so far in escaping the monotonousness of everyday life.

Can dreaming of someone and whispering sweet nothings to the world help materialise them?

Chris is eager to find love beyond that of his eternal flatmate/mother. All rational thoughts slip when an accidental rendezvous brings him together with the woman of his dreams. Blinded by the euphoria, their language and physical barriers are no match for his attempts to woo her.

Everybody Cool Lives Here presents this humorous and heartfelt story of a man edging closer to his thirties, homesick for a life he’s yet to build.

Created by Duncan Armstrong (No Post on Sunday) and Isobel MacKinnon (Winner: NZ Fringe Festival Best Director Wake Up Tomorrow; and My Best Dead Friend).

Composition Jason Wright Performance Design Meg Rollandi Lighting Design Marcus McShane

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As part of Auckland Fringe Festival running 20 February - 4 March 2018