It's A Trial!

It’s a Trial, but unlike you’ve ever seen.

Binge Culture and Barbarian Productions are teaming up with Basement to bring their award-winning collaboration to Auckland Fringe for an epic two and a half hour, one-night-only, precedent-setting case about the some very important issues facing the arts at this moment.

IT'S A TRIAL! is a unique one-off performance that fuses courtroom drama with community theatre - a theatrical forum to discuss the big questions of the day. Staged like a genuine trial and loosely following real court procedures, the show stages a serious debate through absurdly funny characters. As part of the performance, audience members are invited to act as the members of the jury, sketch artists in the press box, or simply watch from the public gallery.

Joel Baxendale and Karin McCracken feature as opposing lawyers and call on real expert witnesses to help win the case, all under the watchful eye of maverick Judge Jody (Jo Randerson) and her court taker (Maria Williams).

'It's a Trial!' has been performed at BATS Theatre and Wellington Museum and was awarded Most Original Production at the Wellington Theatre Awards in 2016.

Note this show is part of Basement and Beyond and will take place at Samoa House.

As part of Auckland Fringe Festival running 20 February - 4 March 2018