Triune is 3 surrealist short video works by James Risbey

Triune is 3 surrealist short video works by James Risbey.

Exploring the actions that lead to our own personal metamorphoses, the rituals we enact, and the ensuing rupture between our past and present selves.

Film 1: Triune: I/R.Life_235

Film 2: Triune: Supplicant_Rites_311

Film 3: Triune: New_Bodies_300 Featuring Leah Carrell, Johanna Cosgrove, Tallulah Holly-Massey, Xin Ji, Amber Maya, Kelly Nash, Adam Naughton, Nancy Wijohn, Bella Wilson

One on One at Basement Theatre TOne on One at Basement Theatre

This Fringe Festival at Basement we are taking the intimacy of live performance to the next level as we host a series of artistic encounters all designed to be performed to just one audience member. You might hear confessions, return to the womb or have a night out, but as different as these unforgettable experiences are each one is safe, guided, and created on the spot, just for you.

Our one on one shows will be working like clockwork so please arrive 10 minutes before and check in with the box office so you don't miss out on your experience.

As part of Auckland Fringe Festival running 20 February - 4 March 2018