Unseen | Unsaid: Week of Disruptive Conversations

Here at Basement, we believe disruption isn't counter to progress.

We've all heard the rumours, critiques and gossip going on behind pursed mouths and closed doors. It's hard to be actively disruptive in preach and practice - either you're tired of fighting, you're too much/too little in noise, or you're just another nuisance.

Here at Basement, we believe disruption isn't counter to progress. It's proactive and necessary in the fight for our arts to be better. We're welcoming disruptive conversations to our doorstep by inviting you to a curated programme of lectures, discussions and conversations. No harsh truths, just real talk.

Part of Basement Theatre's #DecadeofDisruption.

E le Fono Pa'a Mona Vae: The Crab Did Not Consult with its Legs Tuesday 13 March - 7pm

An open discussion on how our work is valued intellectually and financially. Led by Rosanna Raymond.

Documentary Theatre Lecture Screening Wednesday 14 March - 7pm (FREE)

A screening of a public lecture with Stefan Kaegi from Rimini Protokoll on documentary theatre, from our friends at West Kowloon Cultural District.

Collective Disruption: The Tea on Collective Practice Friday 16 March - 8.30pm

FAF SWAG Arts Collective invites artist and curator Cameron Ah Loo-Matamua to unpack the realities of collective practice for interdisciplinary artists. Featuring Tanu Gago, Akáshi Fisiinaua, Moe Laga-Toleafoa and Jermaine Deez (Dean).

The Future is Intersectional: Your Feminism Is Killing Me Saturday 17 March - 5pm

White feminism is a thing. Let's talk about it. Join theatre practitioners Nisha Madhan, Saraid Cameron and Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu, to break apart this complex topic so that we can strive toward an unshakeable intersectional kaupapa for our industry - one which is a aware of the intricacies of power.

In active collaboration with participants, this session will feature a facilitated round table discussion, that leave excuses at the door, and place everything on the table - in the interest of identifying political art-making that doesn’t succumb to tote bag feminism.

I Understand If You're Busy: Anxiety and the Fine Arts Saturday 17 March - 6:30pm (FREE)

As a part of the exhibition series 'I Understand If You're Busy' showing at RM (March, 2018) and [tacit] gallery (April, 2018), a panel of individuals working within Fine Arts will discuss anxiety as it manifests itself in this sector - the precariousness of surviving as an artist, art as a 'social game', and whether there are any benefits to being 'typically anxious' individuals.

Feminist Youtube Party Saturday 17 March - 8:30pm

A swift and fierce collection of the Julia Croft’s favourite intersectional feminist talks, rants, manifestos and opinions from the deepest corners of the internet. Featuring the brilliant brains and beautiful feminist rage of a range of speakers including Soloway, Hooks, Crenshaw, Mock, Solange, Davis and Steinem.

Feminist Karaoke Saturday 17 March - 10PM (FREE)

An evening of full noise, full femme power anthems to exorcise our feminist rage and celebrate the mothers of us all. Definitely taking requests.