Don’t just talk the talk, walk it.

Don’t just talk the talk, walk it.

This Winter we’re cranking up the heat with the second round of Unseen:Unsaid. Join us for a week of passionate conversations on what it means to disrupt, involve, activate and listen. There'll be workshops, lectures, kai and korero.

Let's get sweatier than a sauna collectively challenging the norm!

Not Just The Admin: The Art in Producing - Tuesday 5 June, 6:30pm

Producers can be your strongest creative allies. In this session for artists and producers alike, Kate Prior hosts Lydia Zanetti, Dolina Wehipeihana and Alice Canton as they dig deep into the value of producers, their potential to hold dramaturgical roles, and how artists can get the most out of their partnership with a creative producer.

Live Read: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People - Wednesday 6 June, 7pm

Remember how fun reading aloud was in class? You voted and we received - we’ll be hosting a live reading of Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge. Participants will be invited to read sections of the book, accompanied by snacks and bite-size discussions. Come and go as you please.

Victor Rodger’s Litmus Test: Cultural Appropriation 101 - Thursday 7 June, 8pm

Lionel Shriver (We Need to Talk About Kevin) gave a controversial speech at the 2016 Brisbane Writers Festival where she “hoped the concept of cultural appropriation was a passing fad.” Victor Rodger believes there is a simple litmus test when it comes to people writing about races or cultures that are not their own: would they be prepared to read out what they’ve written, in a room full of those they have written about?

Join Victor Rodger as he discusses works that he thinks would fail the litmus test and invites participants to discuss different ways to approach writing about race and cultures outside of your own.

Self help or self harm - the borders of personal storytelling - Friday 8 June, 7 - 8pm

We like to share our own experiences on stage - and we want to hear these stories. However, there’s something in the retelling that can be difficult or even traumatic, especially if it’s a topic that’s close to home. Where is the line between healing and harming when we share personal details? And how do we protect ourselves and our audiences?

Join Lucy-Mary Mulholland (Arts Therapist) in conversation with Karin McCracken (Performer) and Zechariah Soakai (Poet) about the decisions around keeping private or making public. Then, expand your toolkit with advice and techniques on how to keep the process of personal storytelling safe for everyone.

Unseen:Unsaid presents MEER - Saturday 9 June, 8pm

Meer (otherwise known as Reem) is a half Palestinian/Iraqi wordsmith who has branched out onto her own solo project. Part of Auckland rap duo COOL TAN, her raw and unapologetic raps speak about suffering and mental health. Her music journey creates a platform for others who are also living with depression from strict cultural traditions. She has opened for Le1f, been involved in Auckland City Limits, has been signed up to Red Bull Sound Select and will be performing for us this evening!

Disruptive Text Workshop - Saturday 9 June, 2pm - 5pm

Disruptive Text is a performance workshop that challenges how we embody language: on the page, on stage, and within our bodies. We are socially overwhelmed by text but that shouldn’t confine our ability to be autonomous makers. This workshop make space for play with text-as-text, text-as-body and text-as-impulse. Expect found poetry, mark-making, visual collaboration and orated stories. No previous experience required.

Led by artists Vanessa Crofskey and Jess Holly Bates.

Does choosing art = choosing poverty? - Saturday 9 June, 10am - 1pm

Join Basement’s Executive Director Elise Sterback and strategist Max Adler for a hands-on session around the normally terrifying topic of money and art. We’ll discuss interventions and advocacy, then collectively design ways to make creative careers more sustainable in Aotearoa.

Alls event are FREE aside from the workshop - keep an eye out as there's more to be added!

With sponsorship from Lord of the Fries, Karma Cola and Raglan Coconut Yoghurt.