Te ao is fluid: Indigenous Readings

Survival tactics, Cyborgs, Capitalism

Maumahara Girlie presents a night of readings and texts from writers across Aotearoa around indigenous futurisms, water and fluidity.

Survival tactics
Credit card debt
Dreaming of an alien uprising
All the museums and galleries giving back indigenous taonga
Minute ocean algae forming the basis for computer chips
The destruction of waterways is the destruction of history
Water feeding political and social rhizomes
Binaries are colonial constructs
I am tangata whenua online
Finding soil in digital platforms
Tino rangatiratanga!

Contributions by: Samuel Te Kani, Tayi Tibble, Amanda Tito, Onehou Strickland, Essa May Ranapiri, Whaitiri Mikaere, George Watson, Te Inuwai Nathan, Hana Pera Aoake, Mya Morrison-Middleton, Aydriannah Tuiali’i.