The Watercooler Issue #50: Let's Talk About Sex

Aaah the birds and the bees, an age old concept.

Aaah the birds and the bees, an age old concept. People have been having sex since literally the beginning of human existence, and yet we hardly ever talk about it publicly.

Well in September, The Watercooler wants to get sexy, public sexy. First times sexy, non-binary sexy, life changing, earth shatteringly sexy. Or maybe the sexiest thing for you is not having any kind of sexy at all. However it goes down, we wanna hear all about it. Join Becki Moss, Cole Meyers and Chye-Ling Huang as they get confessional. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two!

Issue #50 is hosted by one of our two wonderful producers Alice Kirker, who is a fresh face in the producing scene. She has worked on a number of well-received shows including FLAPS, Aroha Mai, Iron Eyes, Cool Behaviour, and most recently Run Rabbit.

Inspired by many well-known storytelling events held worldwide (The Moth, This American Life), The Watercooler is a platform for people from all walks to tell stories both true and imagined. Storytellers are given a simple brief to share a story inspired by the month’s theme, whether based on real-life experiences or entirely fictional.

R16 - Some content may offend. Latecomers cannot be admitted.

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