First World Problems 2.0

First World Problems 2.0 // More Sankats. Meme Samasyas.

A mixtape. An Anthology. A selection of new works.

Prayas is back with twice as many problems than you can throw dry rice at. Not-so-subtle curry traits burst onto the Basement Stage with all the technicolour oomph of a South Asian soap opera.

A sizzling crockpot of a show, created by a desi-licious ensemble cast and curated by Sananda Chatterjee (Dara, Love n Stuff). Following on from their smash hit season of ‘A Fine Balance’, Prayas partners with Agaram Productions and Oriental Maidens for a collection of new voices, new problems and absolutely no solutions.

$15 and $20 Basement Mates tickets available for this event. Find out more about Basement Mates here.