Auckland Fringe Festival 2019

Auckland Fringe festival is back!

Auckland Fringe festival is back!

Auckland Fringe is the catalyst for the most exciting, outrageous and unique events in the Auckland cultural calendar. It’s a festival with bite, providing experiences to satisfy the most discerning of creative palates. With a programme that’s open access and non-curated, there’s truly something for everyone to sink their teeth into.

With a vision to be a seriously sassy Fringe respected both nationally and internationally, Fringe is collaborating with a fantastic team of folk. They are 100% supporting artists to up-skill and present, and determined to offer a diverse range of art forms and a totally open-access experience with venues ranging from Roman Temples to retirement villages to shipping containers and theatres.

Auckland Fringe is a beastie on the move, and Basement is right there cantering alongside. And you’re so ready Auckland, Fringe can feel it.


Mistranslation Labratory: 5 - 23 Feb

Distance Between Beijing and Auckland: 19 Feb - 2 Mar

Tide Waits For No Man: Episode Grace: 19 - 23 Feb

I Am Rachel Chu: 19 - 23 Feb

The Salem Bitch Trials: 19 - 23 Feb

Untitled Exibit: 21 - 23 Feb

Two Hearts: HEARTcore Karaoke: 21 Feb & 2 Mar

Live Reel Recall: 23 Feb

That's What Friends Are For: 26 Feb - 2 Mar

Rosemary: 26 Feb - 2 Mar

Boss of an Office: 27 Feb - 2 Mar

Go Home Curry Muncha: 1 - 2 Mar

Desperate Late Night Energy: 1 - 3 Mar