The Watercooler - #Issue 54: Mindful Menstruation Part Two

It’s gonna be a bloody great time, period.

Untangle your tampon strings, secure your maxi pads, chuck in your moon cups, or just brave the free-bleed if that’s your vibe because it’s time for Mindful Menstruation Part Two.

Back after popular demand, this month’s Watercooler has got myths to de-funk, anatomy to teach, and tales of dreaded white-pants-first-day-heavy-flow-leakage to tell.

Our four excellent ovary-owners, Ren Lunicke, Gala Morris, Saraid Cameron and Johanna Cosgrove are ready to share their wonderful, weird, beautiful, horrifying, special, embarrassing tales of the triumphs and tribulations of menstruation.

It’s gonna be a bloody great time, period.

This edition of The Watercooler is proudly supported by The Hello Cup.

Issue #54 is hosted by Queen of menstrual disasters, Alice Kirker. She also happens to be the co-producer of The Watercooler and Basement Theatre's 2019 Producer in Residence. Some of her most notable work includes FLAPS, Run Rabbit and Dynamotion's Monster Mash.

Inspired by many well-known storytelling events held worldwide (The Moth, This American Life), The Watercooler is a platform for people from all walks to tell stories both true and imagined. Storytellers are given a simple brief to share a story inspired by the month’s theme, whether based on real-life experiences or entirely fictional.

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