Fresh off the Page: How to be a Great White Man

Fresh off the Page presents Natasha Lay's stirring original work this 17th of Aprill at 8.30pm at Basement Theatre.

"Let's face it, Tash - You’re Cio-Cio San, you’re Miss Saigon, you’re the go-go dancer in Bangkok who giggles at white dudes twice your age butchering your language."

Inspired by her 14-year-old self's ambition to leave a legacy like the white men in the history books along with a past vow to never sleep with, let alone date, a cisgender, heterosexual white man - Natasha Lay's exciting and edge play, "How to be a Great White Man," is a romp through issues of identity, reflecting on the ways we look at ourselves and others, and an attempt at measuring the space between our past and future selves.

Thanks to Creative New Zealand, Playmarket New Zealand, Basement Theatre, Equity New Zealand and UNITEC - PERFORMING AND SCREEN ARTS.