1991, Philippines. Mount Pinatubo has erupted.

The ash settles in Christchurch, where the ground is also shifting, uncertain and evolving.

The first play developed through Fresh off the Page monthly play-readings, we are excited to bring you the groundbreaking Filipino-led production of PINAY - an explosive, moving and joyous romp shaking the foundations of Filipino and Kiwi culture.

A heartfelt story bursting with Filipino flair, PINAY collides race, relationships and religion as an immigrant family and their assimilated daughter Alex test the lengths we go to change for the ones we love.

Featuring a fiery Filipino led cast including Marwin Maui Silerio (Orientation), Donna Dacuno (Apple), newcomer Richard Perillo and Marianne Infante (Tide Waits for No Man: Episode Grace), alongside Lucas Haugh (Watch Party), Matiu Hamuera (Atamira Dance Company) and directed by James Roque (Boy Mestizo).