Town Meetings

This year The Town Centre are holding 3 public meetings at The Auckland Fringe Festival. Designed to get voices heard and people vibing, each meeting involves a precious host, a glorious game and some sort of snack food TBC.

No need to book, just show up on one of these days at The Basement.

Thursday 23 Feb, 5:30pm International Games day: Building Towers Near and Far.

Artists from out of town are invited to talk about their work over a very serious and important game of Jenga.

Hosted by Hamish Parkinson.

Thursday 2 Mar, 5:00pm Tea and Theory: Why THIS? Why NO

A discussion by leading female performance artists sharing the theories behind their work and explaining why they won't stop now.

Hosted by val smith.

Wednesday 8 Mar, 5:30pm Say What You Like: Past, Present and Future.

The public are invited to this auspicious Town Meeting to discuss the past, present and future of the Auckland Fringe. This is your chance, come armed with high praise or rotten fruit, you shall have your say!

Hosted by Nisha Madhan

artwork by Hamish Parkinson