Why Manifesto 1.0

An online living manifesto for the arts.

Basement Theatre with The Town Centre invite you to create:

Why Manifesto 1.0

An online living manifesto for the arts.

In ten sessions various groups of artists, arts technicians and arts administrators are welcome at Basement Theatre to take part in a workshop/discussion series led by Nisha Madhan (The Town Centre) resulting in an online manifesto for the arts.

'Why Manifesto' is a part of The Basement’s advocacy initiative that investigates the need for arts in our society. Each week we welcome you to write and rewrite an artist-led manifesto that asks why we do what we do.

This will remain online as a living manifesto for future generations of artists to add to, take from, or entirely rewrite as needed in live response to an ever changing world. (Read more at whymanifesto.wordpress.com)

Come to one or all, participate in person or online, come hell or high water you will have your say!

1.1: Saturday 28th October 4pm Why Make / Why Not? - What keeps us in or out of the game?

1.2: Monday 30th October 5.30pm Why Lead / Why Follow? - When is the right time to step up or step down?

1.3 : Saturday 4th November 4pm Why The Mainstream / Why The Alternative? - Is this a codependent relationship?

1.4: Tuesday 7th November 6pm Why Be Public / Why Be Private? - Who owns what?

1.5 : Saturday 11th November 4pm (IN WELLINGTON) Why Not Process Over Product / Why Not Product Over Process? - How much time do we need?

1.6 : Thursday 16th November 8.30pm Why Be Flexible / Why Be Rigid? - When is it time to take a stand?

1.7 : Saturday 18th November 4pm Why Protect Your Patch / Why Share Your Patch? - How generous is too generous?

1.8 : Wednesday 22nd November 8.30pm Why Keep the Peace / Why Disturb the Peace? - Where would we be without dissent?

1.9 : Saturday 2nd December 4pm Why Risk / Manage Risk? - Why so many forms?

1.10 :Saturday 9th December 4pm Why Be Different / Be the Same? - What does diversity mean again?

These events are free.

Register your interest by emailing nisha@basementtheatre.co.nz Attend the session:

  • In person - where we will spend the first half hour engaging in workshop style writing through a collectively edited Google document and the second part of the hour in open discussion with each other. The discussion is transcribed and added to the document for that session.

  • Online - through the Facebook events and through the link to the collectively edited Google document. This document will be distilled to create a manifesto which will be published online here: whymanifesto.wordpress.com and updated weekly.

It’s like night school with beer after!

The Town Centre is a cult of deconstructionist theatre makers who treat the theatrical experience as something that is full of social potential. An event with The Town Centre is a party. It’s an elaborate rouse to get you in the same room as them. Because they think you’re sexy and it’s just not as fun without you.