Bare Hunt Collective Works It.

It was refreshing and exciting to see a “workshop” this evening. It was interesting to watch and read about the process of theatre artists. I came home from Three, and all I could think about, all I wanted to do, was work on my own writing and projects  (and watch some TED Talks). The impetus to seek out knowledge and express how I received information is the kind of energy that this evening at the theatre sent me home with. When I started writing this blog I never gave it a proper introduction, outlined my “purpose” for it. I was so in love with what I had discovered at The Basement that I just launched into writing from that very inspired place, and in doing so I realize that my blogs seem very idealistic and optimistic.  I have questioned in this new season if perhaps I should let a little criticism find its way into what I have to say here. However, Three, reminded me that being a reviewer is not how I want to serve the theatre. What I want is to do what I can to encourage more “workshops.” I want to see more of us, as artists, exploring what it is to create and connect with the audience. The end product has the least amount of value for me because I am obsessed with the process. I want to promote others being obsessed with the process; with the heart behind the stories, illusions, and worlds that we create and share in the sacred space that is the theatre.

I think that Victoria Abbott and Jackie Shaw of Bare Hunt Collective get that. Bravo to them for taking the fuss out of it all, and just being, just breathing, just telling human stories with sincere and raw performances. Good on them for putting fliers out to get feedback from the audience so that they can grow their art; so that they can determine the most effective way to create theatre that speaks to and moves more hearts. Documentary Theatre can be so powerful, and yet incredibly challenging; clearly this company has the guts and soul to rise to that challenge. Their work was inspirational and I hope that the people creating here in Auckland will take some time this week to glean from their talent and their beautiful humility.