Featured Artist - Aaron Tindell



Aaron’s company DIONYSIS brings cabaret to the Basement this season with his show - If I Only Had A Heart, on from 21-25 October.

Aaron can recall the performance that sparked his passion for cabaret in vivid detail.

“It was Eartha Kitt,” he begins dreamily. “During my first visit to New York City, I saw her at the Cafe Carlyle. And she was just fantastic. I think she must have sang in six different languages, and I was sitting so close to her close to her...you could just tell, she had everybody--myself included-- right here.”

(At this point Aaron gestures emphatically at the palm of his hand).

The experience was certainly a formative one, prompting him to experiment with the medium in a number of productions since.

“To me, the most interesting part of Cabaret is its potential for story telling,” Aaron explains. “To simply watch someone sing can be wonderful, but I love to engage with a narrative and to connect with the song’s content. That’s what cabaret is really all about for me - engagement and connection.”

In If I Only Had A Heart, Aaron weaves elements of New York-style cabaret with contemporary musical theatre. The result is a hybrid performance of song, narrative, and visual spectacle that at once celebrates the classic genre while challenging its traditional limitations.

The show will also an element of historical exploration, as IIOHAH takes audiences from the 1950s to the present day with an evolving mix of classic show tunes, pop songs, and period-specific styles of (risque!) dress. Musical Director Robin Kelly weaves this diverse playlist together with a live pianist and an accompanying  small band.

 “Exposing people to these new variations of classic ideas encourages people to be constantly re-evaluating and seeking to expand the way they understand all segments of life,” says Aaron.  “It can really open up many doors.”

And now for your listening pleasure: